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PatentWizard Pro

No Restrictions
Create an unlimited number of provisional applications.

Prepare from the privacy of your own computer with no third-party storage of your data.

Advanced Features
Catches common mistakes and spell checks.
Advanced Help
Learn how to write like a patent attorney.
Do More With Your Documents
Export your application to Microsoft Word® or HTML.

PatentWizard Online

  • Prepare Online

Prepare your provisional patent application online immediately.

  • 3 Easy Steps

Three easy steps to get "Patent Pending".

     1. Complete Online Questionnaire;
     2. Neustel Law Offices Files Self-Drafted Provisional; and
     3. Neustel Law Offices Notifies You Via E-mail.

  • Free Same Business Day E-Filing by U.S. Patent Attorney

Electronically filed the same business day with U.S. Patent Office by a U.S. patent law firm - Neustel Law Offices.**

  • Automatic One-Year Reminders

Automatically receive e-mail reminders of your one-year provisional expiration deadline.

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* The government filing fee is not included.
** Neustel Law Offices is typically able to file your provisional patent application the same business day at no additional charge (excludes holidays and weekends) for submissions received in full by 2 pm CST.  There are no guarantees that the provisional patent application will be filed the same business day, particularly if the drawings are submitted later or additional information is required prior to filing.
  • "I got back a note from the PTO official working on my project, and she said, 'I love it when people get serious enough to hire a professional attorney to do this, it makes my job and yours much easier, great job!' I didn't tell her what I used!"
    - Samuel Anderson, CEO, Tekbrokers
  • "We really appreciate the simple step by step instructions. Overall, PatentWizard is very user friendly. Even people with limited exposure to the patent process should be able to use it."
    - Gerald Udell, World Innovation Network
  • "We are proud to tell you that our team won the NH State FIRST LEGO League competition for the fourth consecutive year and we are on to the International Tournament next month! We completed our provisional patent using the awesome Patent Wizard software your company so generously donated to our team. Thank you so much for supporting young inventors!"
    The Inventioneers,, FLL World Champions
  • "I have used PatentWizard to produce and submit two provisional patent applications. Both times the patent lawyer who reviewed them prior to submittal asked what law firm did the provisional write up!"
    - Tom Stone, Inventor
  • "I found your software to be very helpful and easy to use. I have 8 patents and this by far was the easiest start I have experienced for the process."
    - Rocky Neeley, Inventor
  • "I LOVE PatentWizard Online! This was my first time and it was so easy!"
    - Dr. John Shokoff, Inventor
  • "This new version of the PatentWizard is a major breakthrough for inventors that desire to write their own Provisional Patent Applications. The instructions are well thought out and very comprehensive, and the import and export features will make it very simple for me to communicate with my patent practitioners in a very professional and efficient manner."
    Stan E. Delo, Inventor
  • "I purchased your PatentWizard Professional software a few months ago and it was a fantastic product! Keep making great products!"
    Christopher Gibbons, Gibbons Innovations
  • "This is by far the best software available for writing your provisional patent application. I use it myself for my PPA's and it works great. I highly recommend this software if you are writing your own PPA."
    - Stephen Key, Inventor
  • "It was very user-friendly, and Neustel Law Offices reviewed my application for no extra cost. Don't think twice! Buy Patent Wizard now and set yourself on the smart path for turning your inventing dreams into reality. A very happy customer."
    - Alex H., NYC Real Estate Agent and Product Developer
  • "I love this program!"
    Gayla Kilbride,
  • "I want you to know that I found the entire process very user friendly, educational, affordable, and worthwhile. I've been impressed each step of the way. Thanks!"
    Dan Mohr, Inventor
  • "PatentWizard 3.0 is by far the best way I have ever seen to produce a truly comprehensive Provisional Patent Application. It will be very interesting to experience the Patent Checker (TM) feature to discover how many of the common mistakes I might have made without it. The instructions alone are an excellent education in their own right."
    - Stan E. Delo, Inventor
  • "I'm very impressed with PatentWizard and your firm's subsequent review of my ppa. My NYC attorney was highly impressed with how thorough my ppa was."
    Alex H., NYC Real Estate Agent and Product Developer
  • "I love both products that we purchased from you - PatentWizard and ConfidentialityWizard. Your products have taken the complexity out of what can be a complex process."
    Christopher Gibbons, Gibbons Innovations